Kathryn Tenbarge

August Story


When I describe cherubs to people, I typically go with the phrase “nerdy journalism fun.” It’s easier than trying to explain the five best weeks of my life. And the whole idea of being a nerdy person really applies to me. I’ve always been one foot into geek culture, but in the past few years I’ve become a true fandom freak.

For me and most of tumblr, geekiness reaches a breaking point in the form of anime conventions, and that’s what I’ve been doing these past few weeks: preparing for the annually held Matsuricon in Columbus, Ohio.
Yeah, I do watch some anime, but most kinds of fandom are represented at these conventions, from comic books to British sci-fi to alternative rock bands. You cosplay (dress up as characters- I did that. I went one day as Jim Moriarty and another as a female version of the tenth Doctor), go to panel discussion, meet celebrities and buy overpriced merchandise. You also meet a lot of really cool people.
I love conventions. I’m actually kind of depressed right now because I’m not there. It’s not every day that you can compete in Supernatural jeopardy at one in the morning and eat Swedish fish for breakfast.
I miss you guys, I miss cherubs, I miss not having to be in school. I leave you with the words of the great Matthew Mercer, who I met at Matsuricon. He voices Chrom in “Fire Emblem: Awakening” the video game and Levi in “Attack on Titan” the anime.
“People are beginning to understand that everyone is a geek in their own way.”



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