Charlie Trepany

August Story


Dear J. Crew:

It’s currently 3:15 a.m. in the morning in California, but I’m making time to write this because I miss you all so dearly and I just need to do something other than schoolwork. I think it’s safe to say that those last days of cherubs were an emotional roller coaster. If that’s true, then the month after cherubs is like throwing up after the roller coaster: painful, and something that you don’t want to happen, but you know it’s going to come out anyway.

That was a really, really, really weird metaphor, and I’m not quite sure where that came from, but I guess anything goes at now 3:18 a.m. in the morning. In other words, I miss you all more than words and my disgusting stream of consciousness metaphors can describe.

Basically, ever since cherubs ended I’ve pretty much been mourning and trying to cope by sending snapchats of cherub inside jokes, stalking our own cherub website, listening to the cherub playlist, and struggling to find the words to describe the best summer of my life to friends and family. I feel like Lindsay Lohan, only if Lindsay was addicted to nerdy journalism fun rather than crack cocaine.

On the upside, I somehow got involved in an athletic endeavor with the rest of the male cherubs, and I really still am not quite sure why. I think I just wanted to be involved and not lose touch with them, so I ended up joining their fantasy football draft. Long story short, I forgot how to log onto the draft, so I ended up being on auto-pick until round seven. When I finally got on, I promptly started to frantically text Sabrina about who to draft. I’d tell you if my team is good or not, but the honest-to-God truth is that I actually have no idea. Now I’m just left wondering what series of events led me to the point where Fantasy Football is the most exciting thing going on in my life right now.

My main point is just that life is boring without you all, and we need to talk more so I’m not stuck sitting by myself and and having an existential crisis whenever “Stay With Me” comes on the radio. College apps are consuming me, and I need a nice little distraction every once in a while. So, maybe biweekly Google hangout sessions are in order? Let me know what you think. I really can’t wait to see where JCN will go. It will be a true and real news station. (And I’m already thinking about starting a gossip column here with Sarah Bratton.)







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