J. Crew News originated when a group of high school students banded together while they were at the Medill Northwestern Journalism Institute in 2014 for a five-week summer program. Determined to maintain their relationships with each other and to hone their new journalism skills in a real-life context, three students, Kathryn Tenbarge, Yoonjie Park, and Zoe Davis, decided to create a website that would ensure these wishes were fulfilled.

And so, J. Crew News was founded on the principles aforementioned: to create a place where the staff members can practice and apply their journalism skills, to fill their portfolio with content and to maintain the friendships built during their time at the institute.

This publication operates on a monthly basis. Each staff member is required to submit at least one piece of content per month, but is encouraged to create more. Members have their own pages on the website devoted to their lives. There they keep the world updated through text, photos, audio, video, interactive media and more. Also, in the future, the site may include transcripts of J. Crew Google Hangout sessions that show insight into the staff members’ personalities and thoughts, real news reporting, memories from the summer of 2014, and cool information.

J. Crew News is in the process of creating a strong social media presence. Content on the social media sites will include posts taken from the actual profiles of staff members and the publication.

Links to the Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube will be posted below as they become up and running.

The site operates on a rotating chain of command. The editorial positions are as follows:

  • Tumblr manager: Manages the Tumblr along with its design.
  • Twitter manager: Manages the Twitter along with its design.
  • Instagram manager: Manages the Instagram —.
  • YouTube manager: Manages the YouTube —.
  • Facebook manager: Manages the Facebook —.
  • WordPress managing editor: Enforces the style sheet for the website that includes both content and design. Oversees the production of pages.

Each position is filled by a staff member with exceptional qualifications and a hard-working, determined attitude. However, every contributor to this site has made J. Crew News possible and is an integral part of both the publication and group alike.


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